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taking care of the Terres de l’Ebre region

Gironés-Raïmats embraces a strategy of strong involvement in the region in which it operates, investing in basic infrastructures and creating qualified jobs. The project also promotes programs designed to boost the socioeconomic development of the surrounding area, as well as enhancing energy sustainability, environmental improvement, education, training, cooperation in development and solidarity.


accelerating the ecological transition and conserving our environment

The environmental aspect is at the heart of the Gironés-Raïmats project. The fight against climate change, the preservation of biodiversity, the rational use of water and energy efficiency are the founding pillars of the energy management model that we want to develop.

Gironés-Raïmats promotes the energy transition based on renewable energies, technological innovation and eco-efficiency with the aim of achieving an economy that enables fairer, more sustainable and balanced development.


providing transparent information throughout the process

Our project is underpinned by the institutions and people that support it. The trust, coordination and consensus that we build with them guarantees the progress and success of the project.