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Local Benefits

We are at a turning point with respect to energy and we want to be a driving force for this change.
Over the coming years, nuclear plants are planned to be closed, which will generate benefits from an environmental perspective, but at the cost of the employment of many people in the Terres de l’Ebre region. Gironés-Raïmats is committed to the use of green energy, while facilitating the energy paradigm shift and generating an economic stimulus in the region.
The project will generate over 5,000 jobs directly during the construction phase, which is expected to last seven years. Moreover, it facilitates the redeployment of qualified professionals from the nuclear sector and the creation of small and medium businesses providing specialized maintenance services for the building, civil engineering works and electrical and mechanical installations.
Ilustración de los beneficios locales del proyecto gira

The existence of this kind of energy asset will pave the way for new investment opportunities in industrial developments that require abundant and affordable electrical energy from renewable sources.

We are working along two innovative strategic lines:

Global Benefits

The Gironés-Raïmats project contributes significantly to the fight against climate change and to the sustainability of our planet. The initiative not only generates benefits for the Terres de l’Ebre region, Catalonia and Spain, but also for Europe.
As a Project of Common Interest, the EU estimates that, by 2030, Gironés-Raïmats will generate the following benefits:
In short, it will lower the taxpayers’ burden by around 250 million euros per year.
Ilustración del mapa de situación del proyecto gira en Europa